I'm here for the cheese 🧀

...I say at every networking function

Cheese and confidence. There’s more to this opener, I promise.

Welcome to Girl Play by me, Olivia Walters.

I’m a freelance writer who knows a thing or two about climbing ladders outside of the corporate world. I write about lifestyle topics for digital publications. I also host online courses for French learners.

You’re probably like me: a little overwhelmed by social media, skeptic of “influencer” advice, exasperated by gimmicky marketing content that doesn’t really “get you,” and curious to know what the hell happened to female realness.

Because cheesy brand partnerships on Instagram don’t mean a damn thing to you when you’re looking for some straight-up TRUTH about success.

My newsletter Girl Play has all the not-so PG-13 stories you need to feel proud of the little things: you took some me-time to masturbate, you paid off a speeding ticket without feeling guilty, you cut the cord on a toxic friendship, you put some money into savings, and you finally quit that bullshit hostess job because ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

I’m a 24-year-old college graduate with two degrees and thousands of dollars in loan debt. BUT, I have confidence in my abilities as a journalist and I hope to impact an audience of forward-thinking, female powerhouses ready for their daily dose of Girl Play.

So, what does cheese have to do with confidence? Well, at some point, you just have to keep it real and say it how it is: cheese is life and life’s better with cheese. 🧀

Girl Play is a newsletter with a game plan, minus the cheesy sports analogies. We’re going to settle all those petty insecurities you have about “coming off too strong” at work and in relationships.

I’ll interview working ladies to answer questions from “How do I write resumes and show off my personality?” to “Why won’t my boyfriend have sex with me while I’m on my period?”

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